The Anti-Ageing Phytochemicals in Summer Berries

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With summer comes the warmer weather and a rainbow array of nature’s candy. That’s right, I’m talking about berries.  From quintessential English strawberries to velvet raspberries and juicy American blueberries:; delicious berries bursting with anti-ageing compounds to get your skin glowing and youthful ready for a summer of feel-good vibes

Not only are berries one of my own top 10 ‘facelift fruits’ but science has recently shown that some berries even have sun protection built in. Imagine that, delicious treats that help stave off sun-ageing while you relax on the beach. You can’t ask for a better food.

3 delicious anti-ageing berries to eat this summer


    These soft sweet berries are rich in a substance called Ellagic acid which is not only an amazing rejuvenating antioxidant but has also been proven to protect the skin against UV damage and sun-ageing. Raspberries also contain the mineral Biotin which is essential for keeping hair and nails glossy.  It really is the perfect skin-beautifying summer berry.


    These dusky purple candies are full of anthocyanins which are anti-ageing anti-oxidants found only in dark red, blue and purple foods. Anthocyanins also enhance the action of vitamin C in the body which is essential for collagen production. Blueberry skin also contains Resveratrol the same anti-ageing compound found in red grapes (and red wine).  Blueberries are also great for keeping your eyes sparkling and healthy too. Kiss goodbye to ‘red eye’ the morning after, with a bowl of blueberries for breakfast.


    Strawberries are the Queen of berries; plump and juicy with good amounts of vitamin C and Iron to keep skin healthy, strong, nourished and supple. The flavonoids in strawberries are also good for clearing acne and breakouts due to their balancing action on oil production. If you suffer from uneven pigmentation or melasma, strawberries may be your best friend as research has shown them to be effective against hyper-pigmentation of the skin.

Remember that the same antioxidants in these foods which beautify you on the outside, are also the same ones that protect you on the inside from degenerative diseases of age such as heart disease and stroke.

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