// Verb: to become younger via diet //

Give ageing the middle finger and kick wrinkles to the kerb with a prescription of anti-ageing plant-foods so potent that people will think you’ve travelled back in time. Age gracefully? Not on my watch. With The Facelift Diet® you’ll be ageing backwards.

Beauty isn’t skin deep. The foods that makes you look gorgeous on the outside are also rejuvenating your entire body on the inside at the cellular level – say hello to healthy longevity.  Live fast. Die old. Leave a pretty corpse. #100yearsoldandstillsexy


Enjoy the feast and experience a tasty transformation…

  • Glowing skin, sparkling eyes & youthful beauty restored.

    Facelift foods slow down the ageing process and can erase & reverse your current skin-ageing signs; wrinkles start to soften, skin becomes firmer, pigmentation evens out, your jawlines will sharpen and your skin will bloom with a youthful glow. The more facelift foods you eat – the stronger (and more long-term) the effects.

  • Slim healthy body, lustrous hair & strong nails

    Although The Facelift Diet® isn’t a weightloss program, by eating the the rejuvenating foods in abundance you’ll experience cellular-level detox, excess weight will start to natural decrease and cellulite will retreat. Facelift foods contain the best nutrients to rebuild and repair your body, cell by cell, creating a whole-body ‘youthifying’ experience. It’ll change your life.

  • Vibrant energy & lust for life

    Remember when life was fun and you had all the energy in the world? You can experience that youthful vibrancy again. The Facelift Diet® injects clean fuel into every cell and fills you up with premium nutrients that will give you a lust for life that will seem miraculous. I call it the paradise diet because that’s how it makes you feel.

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Star Khechara | The Facelift Diet®


Anti-ageing activist,  skin geek and rejuvenation revolutionary armed with fully-loaded bananas to bitchslap your wrinkles into youthful submission. With a 20 year career spanning skincare formulation, nutrition and high-end health food alchemy – author of The Holistic Beauty Book, original founder of Formula Botanica (organic cosmetic science school), creator of The Facelift Diet® and leader of Academy of Beauty Nutrition – Star is the closest you can get to a magical spell to turn back the ageing clock (in the most delicious way).

If you want to eat your way to glowingly beautiful skin, a vibrantly youthful body, strong nails and lustrous hair – follow a Star. 

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