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Plant-based Anti-Ageing Nutrition

Rejuvenate with a The Facelift Diet® prescription of potent plant foods and anti-ageing nutrition. The science is now clear – the biggest contributor to your skin-health, beauty and ageing is not genetics, it’s your diet. 

Your skin cells are built, maintained and repaired from the materials you supply in your diet. If you want beautiful, youthful skin, vibrant energy and an ageless body – choose the power of plant-based beauty foods. 

And beauty isn’t skin deep. The foods that make you look gorgeous on the outside are also rejuvenating your entire body on the inside at the cellular level – say hello to healthy longevity. #100yearsoldandstillsexy



About Star

Anti-ageing activist,  skin geek and rejuvenation revolutionary armed with fully-loaded bananas to feed your wrinkles into youthful submission. With a 20 year career spanning skincare formulation, nutrition and high-end health food alchemy – author of The Holistic Beauty Book, original founder of Formula Botanica (organic cosmetic science school), creator of The Facelift Diet® and leader of Academy of Beauty Nutrition – Star is the closest you can get to a magical spell to turn back the ageing clock (in the most delicious way).

If you want to eat your way to glowingly beautiful skin, a vibrantly youthful body, strong nails and lustrous hair – follow a Star. 

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