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Experience vibrant skin-rejuvenation with our free #FruitForBeauty 3-day ‘rawjuvenation’ juice experience.

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Cacao is an anti-ageing superfood. Indulge in these gourmet healthy #ChocolateForBreakfast recipes

Become a beauty nutritionist with The Facelift Diet®


Become an official The Facelift Diet® anti-ageing beauty nutritionist with our Beauty Nutrition Academy


Every single cell in your body (including your skin cells) is repaired, built and maintained using the materials you supply in your diet. You can literally eat your way to younger, healthier, more vibrant skin.

Hello, I’m Star Khechara; creator of The Facelift Diet® and director of the Academy of Beauty Nutrition™

Combining my 20 years of organic skincare formulation and professional facial training with 10 years of anti-ageing nutrition research has given me the tools to provide a holistic evidence-based approach to rejuvenation. 

I’m excited to share this empowering information with you.

There are no neutral foods. Every bite you take is either building beauty…or destroying it. Choose beauty foods.

Star Khechara

Star Khechara

Best-Selling Author & Creator of The Facelift Diet®


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