Make the the guy across the street look twice. Three times.

Get the call backs. Be the face they cannot forget.

Because beauty isn’t bred. It’s fed.

Welcome to The Facelift Diet®

Rock the lustful sex goddess skin that nature intended you to.

Modeling jobs depend on your face, so hold on on to it without going under the blade.

Keep your dude from even thinking about another woman because you are so fucking hot he can’t keep his hands off of you.

Or land that cute hipster dude that brews your latte for you. Even if he is twenty years younger than you

I don’t really care WHY you want to look hot. I just care that you do.

The Facelift Diet® is my proven method of holding on to youthful beauty far longer than your friends who are paying exorbitant prices for going under the blade to try to stay young and sexy.

Because I know what your face means to you (and what mine means to me!), I’ve spent the last 12 years researching how to stay gorgeous so you keep what you were given longer. And feel freaking POWERFUL, if we’re completely honest here.

The Facelift Diet® is a 100% plant-based approach to eating that makes you feel as sexy as you look.

And I’ll make it almost impossible for you to screw up. PROMISE.

Because if there’s one thing I DO NOT play with? It’s my skin.

Whether you want healthy, youthful glowing skin so when you look in the mirror, you feel 20 years younger or because you want the hot guy that can’t stop staring at you, The Facelift Diet® is your path to sexy flesh that they can’t get enough of.

I’m Star Khechara and I’ve played with plants, diet, skin, and cosmetics for the last 12 years. Now, it’s time for me to share what I’ve learned so YOU can look as gorgeous as you do young.