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Radical. Plant-Based. Anti-Ageing. Beauty Nutrition.

Ageing gracefully? F*ck that. Science is now proving what I’ve known for 20 years: plant foods make you beautiful, young and vibrantly healthy.

There are nutrients and compounds in certain fruits and vegetables that will erase cellulite and wrinkles, increase the collagen in your skin, give your healthy luscious hair and long strong nails. plus the energy of a 25 year old.

No Botox. No scary surgeries. Just delicious beauty foods: scientifically selected, holistically applied.

Last night I was asked for my I.D. while buying a bottle of wine – I’m 49! Plants for the win! 


I wanted to say that one of the biggest things I noticed is that my nails are DEFINITELY stronger. I’ve always had nails that break really easily and so it’s been very noticeable, so that is great.  


My hairdresser said my hair is thicker, skin is clearer, eyes brighter and my husband keeps telling me how beautiful I am and won’t leave me alone


Hello, I’m Star Khechara aka The AgeHacker

It’s taken a decade of scientific research to piece together the perfect diet to reverse the ageing clock and beautify your entire body at the cellular and genetic level. The fountain of youth is in your fridge

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